Custom Tours
Custom Tours
If you wish to have a private tour to wherever you would like to travel,
we can customize the tour as you wish.
Email  or call us for pricing and scheduling.

You can refer to the following "Sample Custom Tours".
These are the customized-tours once carried out by the requests from our guests! 

If you'd like to knwo how the custom tour works, click   How To Book Private Tours

We're very happy to work out your travel plan with you.

Sample Winter Tours

Hotspring with great atmosphere
Hoshi Onsen
'Hoshi Onsen' is popular for its
vicinity to Tokyo and cozy mood
that ryokan and bath creates.
You can experience and feel the
bubble of hot spring coming up
from the bottom of the bath tub
and enjoy the atmosphere. 

<Best in winter, but available all year round>
Secret hotspring near Tokyo
Okukinu Onsen Area
Only 2.5 hour drive from Tokyo
will take you to a quiet and
remote area of Okukinu Onsen
in Tochigi pref., featuring 4
different types of onsen ryokan
that promise you to give you
such a relaxing time. 

<Best in winter, but available all year round>
Genuine Onsen Ryokans
Visit remote onsen in Tohoku
'Tohoku', northwestern part of
mainland, is where the old, intact
onsens still remain.
The tour goes to several
old-fashioned onsen ryokans to
experience the good quality of
hot springs and exotic atmosphere.

<Best in winter, but available all year round>
Onsen with snow monkeys
Jigokudani Onsen
Watch the snow monkeys bathe and 
stay at an old onsen ryokan in 
Yudanaka/Shibu onsen district will
surely be one of your fond
memories in Japan.
Unexpected encounter with monkeys
in the same onsen might happen. 

<Best in winter, but available all year round>
1 Day snowshoe experience
Snowshoeing in Nikko
How about walking on Senjo-gahara in
Nikko with snowshoes?
This is a day trip and all the equipments
are free to rent, so it's convenient and
easy for those with no snowshoeing
You can choose other locations, too.

<Available between Jan. and Mar.>
Skiing in the Olympic venue
Skiing in Nagano
Nagano is famous for the 98 Winter
Olympic Game's venue.
Less than 4-hour-drive from Tokyo
takes you to the paradise of amazing
powder snow.
The duration and where to ski are
totally your options!

<Available between late Dec. and early May>

Sample Spring Tours

Best 1-Day walking trail near Tokyo
Nishizawa Keikoku Gorge Hike
The 10km (6miles) walking trail
goes around Nishizawa keikoku
gorge, only 2.5 hours from Tokyo.
The trail passes by several pretty
waterfalls while enjoying walking
under the vivid green of leaves in
spring and fall foliage in autumn.

<Best between mid-May and early Nov.>
World Heritage Site and National Park
Nikko is known as the World
Heritage Site and its vicinity
to Tokyo.
A beautiful lake and waterfalls
nearby cannot be missed.
Having a delicoius vegetarian
dish at an exquisite restaurant.

<Available all year round>
Mt. Fuji
Excursion in Mt. Fuji area
Mt. Fuji is not the only place
to visit if you go to Mt. Fuji
area, but also there are so many
places that you should stop by.
Lakes, caves, mysterious ponds,
etc are something that never 
stop attracting people.

<Available all year round>
Very traditional Japanese town
Beautiful and relaxing scenery
of Obuse, once known as the town
where the traffic and economy met,
attracts many tourists.
Wandering about Obuse and spend a
night at nearby onsen ryokan will
give you such a high quality time.

<Available all year round>
Walk the World Heritage Site
Pilgrimage Route in the Kii Mountain Range 'Kumano-kodo'
It was about 1,300 years ago when the
pilgrimage was started by the Royal
family and aristocrats, believed to
help them go to heaven once passed
away by conquering all the hardship
they confront during the walk.
Amazing and unforgettable experience!
<Available all year round>

Sample Summer Tours

Climbing season has finally been here!
Japan Alps Mountaineering
There are more than 100 of peaks
over the elevation of 2,500m
(8,333ft.) in Japan.
If you would like to give it a
try, we will customize the level
and duration of the mountains you
will challenge.

<From Jun. to early Oct.>
Get away from the summer heat
Summer Retreat
The best way to get away from
the heat of summer in Japan is
just get away from the town.
Spend a night under the cool
air in highlands will surely
ease your fatigue from the
hectic heat in the city life.

<Best between Jul. and Sep.>

Sample Autumn Tours

Hiking in the beautiful marshland
Oze Marshland
Oze, Japan's biggest marshland,
was designated as the 29th
National Park in 2007.
Hiking on board walks in Oze
marshland is a favorite pursuit
among folks of all generations.
Best in spring and fall seasons.

<Available between mid-May and early Nov.>
Exclusive hotspring experience!
Fall Foliage and Onsens in Tohoku
Tohoku is one of the best areas to
see the changing color of leaves
due to its intact nature.
Spending nights at remote onsen
ryokans while watching the
beautiful fall foliage will
something you will never forget.

<Best between late Sep. and early Nov.>
Walk the World Heritage Site
'Yakushima, the land where it's said to
rain 35 days a month', has an annual
precipitation of more that 4,000mm,
whose unique climate enables its ceder
trees live more than tousand of years.
Visit the magnificent forests to see a
variety of gigantic ancient trees!

<Available all year round>

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